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To tattoo or not tattoo

I have a lot of ink. So naturally - I have folks from all over in my professional life, as well as my Civi life, asking my thoughts on tattoos in general. What they mean? Should they get one? Do they hurt (YES! They definitely fucking do!)

Speaking only for myself - my Tatts are my life’s journal. Each piece represents something meaningful to me, and they serve as reminders. My kids names, my grandsons birthdays, my liberation from an abusive relationship, my favorite things ‘the land’ and ‘the sand’ ….

You can read my canvas like poetry.

It tells MY story.

And as I age and my body changes - I’ll celebrate these parts of myself in the same way I give reverence to my silver strands, stretch marks & scars.

They’re memories.

They belong to me & me alone.

If people like them - that’s great.

Likewise if they don’t - that’s ok too.

At the end of the day to each his own. Get inked, don’t get inked - it makes no difference. Do what makes You feel good. ‘There’s an ass for every seat!’

Some will appreciate your art & others won’t. But as long as You’re Happy - it’s a win ❤️

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