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~ FAQ ~

Are You Newbie Friendly?

Absolutely! I actually Really enjoy showing new hobbyists around. I know how daunting it is to try to navigate this world - let me show you the way.

Do You See ALL Types of Guests?

I am 100 % inclusive, ALL Polite People Welcomed in my Tribe.

How Do I Schedule?

If you're on the TNA Board just shoot me a PM followed by Text. If you're not a member No Problem. Just text me directly and let me know which site you found me on.

Are You 420 Friendly?

I Celebrate Natures Medicine. No smoking in my studio - but plenty of places outside to share a toke. Vaping & Edibles welcome.

How Do I Prepare?

Freshly showered, teeth brushed and ready to relax. I am Always impeccably clean and appreciate the same. Coming straight from work? No worries - I have a shower, men's soap and general toiletries to help you freshen up.

Do You Imbibe?

Yes, I enjoy sharing a drink with friends when we go out. If we stay in - my Favorite spirits are Kettle One Botanical's.

Outfit Requests OK?

If it's something you've seen me wear, that outfit is available. If you haven't seen me wear it, you can describe and I'll try to get close. Or bring me something you'd like to see me in. Check prior for sizing.

Do You Offer Nuru Massage?

NO. This is a Specialty skill that only those Properly trained with years of practice can do correctly. I don't 'Say' I offer Nuru - just to cover you in Aloe gel, slide around a minute or two & charge a premium. But trust me - That's out there if you wanna see what I'm talking about lol.

How Long Have You Been in The Business?

A decade so far and I have no plans of stopping any time soon. I Truly Love what I do! I have such a Fantastic Tribe!!!

Do You Ever Travel?

On occasion - when the moons align - I will travel to see a friend who's out of my general area. These scenarios involve timing and need to pencil appropriately for Both Parties. Something is only good if it's symbiotic.

Are You Hairy, or Open to Growing it Out?

I am Not. That's not to say that I take issue with those that choose to keep the natural look. It just isn't My Style. I Appreciate and Respect everyone's body and whatever makes them feel comfortable in Their skin. All types are Amazing and Unique.

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I look forward to meeting you soon 

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