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Gifts are Never expected,
but Always appreciated

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A Few Of My Favorite Things 

Seed Stuff -
Organic, Heirloom, Veggies, Flowers


Plant Stuff -
Sunflowers, Tomatoes, Ferns, Citrus Trees, Herbs, Ladybugs, Red Wiggler Worms

Food Stuff -

Spices, Nuts, Fruit, Dark Chocolate, Black Garlic


Pretty Stuff -

Fishnet Body Suits, Teddies, Lingerie, Robes, Stretchy, Lacey

(One size fits all or Large)

Smelly Stuff -

Candles, Lotions, Body Spray

(Fruity or Floral)

Comfy Stuff -

Snuggly Socks, Hoodies, Cardigan Sweaters

Spirits -

Titos Vodka, Kettle One Botanicals, Infuse Mango Habanero Vodka, Gin, Baileys, Malibu Rum

Gift Cards -

Amazon, Restaurants, Lovers, Victoria Secrets, Tattoos, Nursery & Garden Centers

Yard Stuff -

Funky Art, Statuaries, Bird Houses, Fairies

Footie Stuff -

Toe Rings, Pedicures, Sexy Stockings, Thigh Highs

Green Stuff -

Edibles, Dragon Balm, CBD

Sexy Stuff -

Any and All Toys, Lubes, Vibrators, Straps, Dildos (Please bring unopened in original packaging)

Massage -

I LOVE a gent with strong hands rubbing my shoulders, feet & body! Make me puuuuurrrr

Hugs ALWAYS a Welcome Gift!



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