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Newbie School

So I have this nifty little appointment I offer called 'Newbie School' ... It's meant to offer folks who are new to the hobby some basic guidance on finding their way around.


This post is meant to answer some of my most 'Frequently Asked Questions' about 'Newbie School'....


How much?



How long?

45 minutes



Downtown Olympia @ my private studio


For whom?

Anyone new to the hobby who would appreciate someone walking them through the process


Are you newbie friendly?

Definitely! I have a huge heart for newbies and that's why I offer my 'Newbie School' 


Are you inclusive to all?

All polite people welcome regardless of ... take your pick of acronyms


How do I book?

Text to schedule


Will you travel to ABC?

No. Unfortunately this special is ONLY offered at my private studio in downtown Olympia

A lot of gents get confused when booking this appointment and ask about kissing, massage, full service, outfit requests, travel, or even duos. Bear in mind, it's only $100, and I promise nobody is doing any of that for $100. 


This is a fully clothed, zero contact, learning lesson. But, I do promise to put you on a faster track to any of those other rendezvous you are seeking - Not to mention avoiding the pitfalls most guys face as they gain experience in the hobby.


And trust me - most of those pitfalls don't teach as much, and cost a whole lot more.

Nameste Tribe 🌈

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