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Mammogram humor

Had a mammogram today & they handed me this sexy lil robe ….

So I asked the tech (female mid 60s) -

‘Do I really need to wear this?’

She replied -

'Yes. Take off your bra & shirt and put that on.’

To which I Then replied -

‘I’m not wearing a bra & this tank top just folds down.’

She just shrugged - so I put it on like a cape & she walked me to the room, and instructed me to ‘release the girls’ whenever I felt ready.

I just started laughing and said. -

‘They’re just tits! I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of them. Hell - you have your own set!!!’

She cracked up and then we were both laughing hysterically while she tried to smash my tiny Titties in the masher 🤣🤣🤣

Little did she know I have my tits and their full glory on display Every day!!! This was nothin but another day 😝

The moral of this story is 2 Parts -

1 - Don't be afraid to get screened and follow suggested tests & measures for your age. Most things (if caught early) are highly treatable ❤️ So be diligent with your 'maintenance'

2 - Don't take life too seriously 🤡 We're all human after all. Even in awkward or uncomfortable situations, we can find common ground if we have a sense of humor

Nameste Tribe

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