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Hobby friendly sex positive PCP??

I believe Very strongly in practicing safe sex & getting tested on a regular basis. So I have many hobbyist friends question where they can go to be tested (that isn't their primary care physician) Usually due to family insurance plans, and wanting a discreet solution.

So my advice is this ....

Planned Parenthood all the way!

- They have locations everywhere

- Pay on a sliding scale

- Non judgmental

- Quick test results (usually 48 hours)

- Discreet (they will only give results via your instructions.. ie Text, VM, etc)

*** Bonus - FREE condoms! ***

You don’t have to say you’re a ‘hobbyist’ 🥸

I just say I’m a nympho who has a lot of sex & am being responsible by getting checked regularly 🤣

Don't let Fear stop you from being Safe!

Knowledge is power

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