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Why providers don’t list specific ‘Menu’ items

This question comes up a lot on the board, as well as with my clients - so let’s talk ‘Menu’ and why providers don’t always list specifics

• YMMV Is Very Real -

Unless you’re seeing a Robotic provider (which is that what you actually want?) Chemistry & overall Vibe will play into what activities are on the table (or Menu if you prefer) … there are also OTHER FACTORS that can heavily influence the ‘tone’ of the date

A few of those are :

- Hygiene

- Fresh Breath

- Grooming

- Approachability

- Smell

- Attitude

• Discussing Specifics is Incriminating for BOTH parties -

Pretty self explanatory. I’m not adding to my ’risk factors’ to satisfy curiosity. I understand this is a luxury and guys ‘wanna know with certainty’ what they’re getting - but I’m not personally going to incriminate myself to satiate that need. Glean what you can from reviews & if uncertain - start with a short appointment to see for yourself. At the end of the day - EVEN IF I DIVULGED an ENTIRE MENU - it would Still be YMMV

• Hbbyists writing in the ’About Me’ -

This is the Safest & most comfortable way to approach this topic (in my humble opinion) I always tell my hobbyist in my ’Newbie School’ to write 3 short paragraphs

- An introduction (about them)

- A FANTASY DATE wish list

- Closing paragraph (summation)

Then when they reach out to a new provider, they can refer them to their about me to decide if they’re a potentially good fit. But it’s important you pad it (as I mentioned above) so that there’s a Buffer between specific activities

And I cannot reiterate enough that YMMV

So try not to get Overly worked up about a specific item & whether or not it’s listed as a liked activity - because even if the provider offers ‘Milkshakes’ doesn’t Guarantee the ’Milkshake machines not broken’ … if you catch my drift

• The term GFE ISN’T ALLOWED -

We can’t mention it in ads or profile on multiple sites

But that’s just my 2 cents

Ask 100 providers - get 100 answers

Happy hunting

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