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Let’s talk about ED 🍆

I meet with new friends everyday who share their frustration with ED & the embarrassment associated with meeting new partners.

They feel as if it requires an explanation. And self esteem begins to suffer due the the pressure they put onto themselves unnecessarily.

Personally I feel that there are Plenty of ways to be Both Sensual & Sexual that don’t require anything but words, soft lips & hands.

The Mind is the place where fantasies are born & thrive......

Talk dirty to me, or whisper sweet nothings.

Stimulate my Imagination!

Arouse my senses and my body will follow.

Touch me deliberately….

Knowing exactly the intention of the mood you’re setting.

It could be feather light caresses that make me tingle and quake.

- Or -

Firmly and controlled that make me crave for more and more.

Followed up with kisses all over, wandering fingers, toys and visuals.

So many ways to melt into one another!

You’ll find what works for you ❤️

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