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The Gift of Aging …..

I stumbled on this today & as the one year anniversary of my stroke rapidly approaches - it really resonated with me, so I wanted to share it with you .....

”I'm 78 years old and I've gained my decades.

At 30, teenagers looked like kids, but 20-30 looked good & 40 looked old. But when I was in my 40's - the 50s year olds started to look pretty darn good, and so on.

Then I began to realize, that if I didn't see some wrinkles - they didn't look finished.

Now at 78, I see beauty that's hard to put into words. Like a great work of art - it takes my breath away. Life is written on the body - hard labor, sorrow, even joy, happiness, fear ..... it's all right there.

And I swear to God, 'the beauty,' the ’price’ we pay in our physical appearance - it's like when you look at a newborn and admire the perfection. In old age you admire the work it took to get there, and it's beautiful.”

- Author unknown

So with my 48th birthday around the corner - I look at my cellulite, scars, stretchies, wrinkles & slightly crooked smile (From being a stroke survivor) and I too Appreciate the life I’ve Lived to gain each one.

And I look forward to the Gift of one day being a 78 year old badass with stories to tell & people to Love and inspire ❤️

Be Blessed


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