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To review - or not to review …. Here’s my thoughts 💭

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

My personal view of reviews is that they’re important for Both parties.

But not in the way one might think.

To me - the relevant parts are :

1 - Confirming it’s the actual person you’re supposed to meet VS a bot, catfish, pimp etc. Did the pics match the person who answered the door? Was it a sting?

2 - Verifying the incall is safe & serviceable … not a garden shed, broken trailer with no electricity or water & other nonsense some folks consider as an ‘incall’

3 - Timeliness …. Was the appointment on time? Seems like an easy Yes but in the event it’s a No, wouldn’t you like to know that ahead of time? I don’t know about you but I have a tight schedule. I’m juggling family, running a business, hobbies, etc. Timeliness is really important to me!!!

4 - Safety. Did you feel safe? At any point did you feel threatened, uncomfortable or otherwise fearful?

5 - Communication. Was it smooth, clear, and reasonably prompt communication and instructions? Did you feel confident moving forward, or stressed out & ready to bag it before it started?

6 - Donations for time. Were they as explained & expected? Or was there bait & switch, up selling, etc?

7 - Time. Was the time spent engaging and enjoying each other’s company? Or did you feel that in an hour appointment you got 10 minutes of attention before the phone came out & clock watching became evident?

8 - Overall feels. Did you leave feeling better than when you came? Did this encounter benefit and enhance your day? Or leave you feeling frustrated & regretting the appointment?

So in my humble opinion (and everyone has one - this is just mine) this is what’s most important. Anyone can write a Penthouse novella of a review - and while I appreciate the fact some fellas Really like those - they’re still NO GUARANTEE that’s what YOU’LL get. So in my mind, not Only are the incredibly dangerous and incriminating, but they also give a false expectation of what Will happen when the reality is - YMMV! Always!!!!

When folks ask if I’d like a review I always say sure thing Because I know (as I listed above) all the reasons this can be reassuring to hobbyists I haven’t met yet. But I also remind them to mention all the relevant things that other friends need to know.

My Favorite reviews to read -(and not just of my own) - are the creative ones! The ones that paint a vivid picture through metaphor & poetry ❤️ The ones that make the blood rush to your head and you’re sweating like a demon in church - with no mention of any incriminating activity.

Now that’s talent

But that’s just my 2 cents

**** Edited to add -

I also like to leave a reply to my reviews. Not only does it serve to remind me of our time, but it can also help other providers with their screening. By verifying the review & commenting on MY experience with the hobbyist - other ladies might feel more comfortable moving forward. And since providers can’t leave reviews on hobbyists - replying to our own reviews is the next best thing.

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