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Licking Lady Bits ....

So here we go ….. Let’s talk about Lady Bits So being someone with a pussy - (who Also enjoys licking pussy) …. Here’s my 2 cents Be GENTLE (unless or until) you hear otherwise The skin on a lady pocket is Incredibly sensitive & thin. In my opinion light touches are Far More stimulating than having your pink bits Jack hammered by an angry tongue lashing! Patience and persistence will get you rewarded. Prepare your beard or facial hair Soft beards feel really great on a pussy …. Sharp five o clock shadows feel like you’re being rubbed raw! Imagine rubbing your nuts with sandpaper and you’ll get my drift! Beard softeners & conditioners are Incredibly helpful Or a freshly shaved face. Be mindful of not wearing heavy cologne as that can also cause irritation. Let her set the pace & place Start slow and read her body language. Each vag is different. Some really like the clit ‘front and center’ while others may prefer more of a ’labia pussy tongue ballet.’ Personally I like to switch it up slowly and see where her ‘sweet spot’ is. Encourage your partner to verbalize their wants This gets easier as she starts melting into your mouth! I always tell my lovers to use my ponytail like a Joy stick (literally lol) … push & pull my face into the place they like best. The more comfortable they get - the more I tell them to fuck my face! *** Side note - This is NOT THE SAME as when a gal is blowing you. Pussies are soft & don’t choke you and make it so you can’t breathe! So when it’s Your turn to get some head - don’t grab a chicks hair and push down aggressively UNLESS SHE HAS VERBALLY CONSENTED to that type of activity. Trust me on that one. *** Stay consistent when she starts to climax! You got her ‘there’ … she Obviously likes it So don’t decide right at the crescendo to try a new move. See it through!!!! *** Side note - I can’t tell you how many times that’s happened to me & it’s a big disappointment! Like OMG YES, Yes, yEs & then WTF just happened? You had me! And now I have to reset to get ‘back’ to that moment! *** Fingers ASK! Some ladies Love an introduction of fingers for light clit play or penetration during oral. It can definitely heighten the sensation! And some do NOT. So always ask first if that’s something she enjoys! And If she does - make sure to be gentle and use plenty of lube … (whether store bought or saliva - make sure she’s properly lubricated) *** Side note - Keeping your nails trimmed and well groomed will get you a lot of accolades! Just another courtesy that you’re demonstrating you truly care about pleasing her & not just yourself. *** Aftercare is sexy Whether you gently kiss her inner thighs as she basks in the Glorious Bliss of a killer ‘O’ - or you flip her over and fuck her brains out ….. Capitalize on the moment After. It doesn’t stop with an orgasm. Some of my Favorite times are when I’m laying between my girlfriends legs looking up to her Gorgeous, Glowing face as she melts into the bed and I gently caress her legs. It’s literally Breathtaking!

Try these out &let me know how it goes ...


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