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Why some providers don't offer 'QV's' (quick visits)

Simple ….. Let me clarify • NO less time, preparation, clean up, etc. is required for a B&G … yet you make barely even a fraction of the money So you call & set up X time on X day. I still have to shower & get ready. I still have to stop whatever I’m doing & drive to my incall. Once you leave I still have to shower Again, get ready Again, change sheets & tidy up. See where I’m going with this? All the work - a Fraction of the reward • Guys OVERSTAY I CANNOT EMPHASIZE THIS ENOUGH! B&G almost always indicates a fella trying to save a dime who will boundary push & stay a HH (or longer) while you try to scoot him along. My provider friends Biggest pet peeves (besides body odor) is ALWAYS THIS! If you’re someone who enjoys a B&G - RESPECT THE TIME. Don’t try to be cheap and overstay. Leave in the 10-15 minute window. And if you DO go over the alotted time - leave the REST of the donation. It’s the gentlemanly thing to do • Too rushed This seems pretty straightforward. What’s honestly the point of a 10 minute rendezvous? The only time this makes Any sense to me is if you’re already well acquainted & this is just a pop in & out (pun intended lol) to relieve stress and go about your day. • My time is Valuable Now let me be Clear - I’m Not saying yours isn’t! But since I’m answering your question from ’a provider perspective’ I’m speaking from my point of view. Personally, I’m multitasking Many things to keep proper balance in my life. I have children, grandchildren, hobbies, extracurricular activities, etc. If I’m only allocating 2-3 spots a day for appointments - why would I waste one on a B&G??? The answer is simple. I wouldn’t. So in summary …. Personally - I don’t offer these for all the above reasons I have a HH option & if you’re in a hurry - feel free to leave early if necessary You won’t hurt my feelings Hope that helps offer some perspective

After all.....

What's your hurry? Stay awhile

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